What is the Social Scoop?

We live in a world today where EVERYONE has something to say.  Thanks to social media, the way we live and work has dramatically changed in just the last decade or so.

Whether you’re energetically trying to build your business to attract and keep an audience or don’t have a business – but do have an online presence – it’s important to know how to manage your personal and professional brands.

But the reality is that most entrepreneurs and businesses find themselves stuck at a communications crossroads.

Navigating through the social media roads of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other media platforms can feel like driving 100 miles an hour on a crash course and not being equipped with a seat belt nor airbags .

How do you get people to hear and respond to your message against the noise of billions of tweets, blogs, and posts without feeling overwhelmed with trying to manage it all?

This is where the Social Scoop Comes In !

Social Scoop Community

If you’re looking to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs to help navigate the ever-changing social media waters, we invite you to get social with us over in our Facebook community! 

The Social Scoop® is for busy business owners to get the scoop on all things social media and digital marketing to grow your business: tips, resources, and to support grow your audience, influence, and income.


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Social Scoop® Society

Our Social Scoop® Society is our full monthly social media membership that only opens twice a year. If you are struggling to leverage social media to turn follows, likes and comments into money in your bank account, then this membership is for you. You can find out more details and join the waitlist here.

Social Scoop® Digital

Because we only open the Society twice a year, we created the Social Scoop® Digital where you get monthly content, tips and customizable templates delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis. It’s your all-in-one solution for strategic content idea generation and consistent, on-brand social media marketing. Find out more details and sign up here.

Here at the Social Scoop®, we are all about helping you grow your audience, influence and income without the stress and overwhelm that often comes with trying to understand social media. We started out as solely a “done-for-you” agency in 2015, creating everything from social media strategy, to content planning, scheduling, and community management. As we grew, we saw the need to help entrepreneurs who were struggling to make “cents” and dollars from their social media efforts. We then birthed our “done-with-you” membership, the Social Scoop Society. Within the Society, we work closely with our members in the form of exclusive live trainings, content templates, and monthly social media coaching. In addition to our clients and members, we also offer live and virtual event social media management.
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How Can We Help You?

  • Do you need to build brand awareness, establish relationships, and create value?
  •  Are you already using social media but seeing limited results?
  • Need to drive more organic traffic to your site?
  • Are you looking to grow attendance and profits for your next live event?


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